Thursday, December 26, 2019

Announcing The Glorified Gloria Blogathon!

Now you are probably wondering "Christine, where the hell have you been?" The answer is simple. I got addicted to Pokemon GO and I know I haven't posted since August. But 2020 is a New Year and I am looking forward to all my blog posts in the new year. And of course this comes with an announcement. My friend Kate and I have decided to talk about our two favorite Gloria's in a year long blogathon. Every month we will be talking a different movie with either Gloria DeHaven or Gloria Jean in it. Kate even made an awesome trailer for it!

We made a list of the films that we will be blogging about and you can find the list below. If you want to participate, you are more than welcome to. Just post a link to your blog post or tell us on Twitter. Of course you don't have to write about every movie, but if you want to you can! We just want to show these two lovely ladies some love this year. And if you do join in, thank you so much!

January: Two Tickets to Broadway (1951)
February: The Under Pup (1939)
March: Two Girls and a Sailor (1944)
April: If I Had My Way (1940)
May: Step Lively (1944)
June: Never Give A Sucker An Even Break (1941)
July: The Yellow Cab Man (1950)
August: Pardon My Rhythm (1944)
September: Summer Holiday (1947)
October: It Comes Up Love (1943)
November: Broadway Rhythm (1944)
December: Copacabana (1947)

We look forward to exploring the lives and films of these two beautiful women in 2020!

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