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Summer Under The Stars Blogathon: The Awful Truth (1937)

Happy Irene Dunne Day! This has been an interesting week. I was suppose to write blog posts about four other films, but they never got done. I was too busy being on vacation, going to see my grandma in the hospital and taking a trip to the hospital myself. Don't worry I am okay and now I am back home. I have filled in the blanks with the films I missed and plan on still writing about ten films. The Awful Truth came out in 1937. It stars Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Ralph Bellamy, and Robert Allen. I actually picked up this film during the last Criterion Collection sale they were having at Barnes and Noble. But you guys don't are about that, so on with the review!

Ralph Bellamy, Cary Grant, and Irene Dunne in The Awful Truth (1937)

Jerry Warriner (Grant) spends a week at a New York sports club, but tells his wife he was going to be in Florida. He comes home and finds she isn't there. Lucy (Dunne) comes home with another man, who happens to be her music teacher (Alexander D'Arcy). His car broke down and they had to spend the night at a hotel. Jerry is wondering if she is having an affair with the music teacher and Lucy finds out he wasn't in Florida. They get into a fight and decide to get divorced. Lucy gets custody of the dog and the judge orders the divorce is finalized in 90 days.

Lucy ends up dating a man names Dan Leeson (Bellamy) and Jerry ends up dating a young nightclub singer. Things don't work out with the nightclub singer and Jerry ends up meddling in Lucy's relationship with Dan. His meddling only pushes the two closer together and they end up getting engaged. Jerry is still convinced she is cheating and ends up crashing a recital she is performing in. He feels terrible and comes by her place to apologize. Dan and his mother show up and Jerry hides. He ends up hiding with the music teacher and a huge fight breaks out. Dan ends the engagement after he sees two men come out of Lucy's room.

Jerry ends up in a relation with a young heiress named Barbara Vance (Molly Lamont). Lucy, who has come to realize she still loves Jerry, crashes a party at the Vance mansion. She is pretending to be Jerry's sister and ends up ruining Jerry's engagement to Barbara by making her and her family think that Jerry came from a working class family.

Jerry tells the Vance family that Lucy is drunk and that he will take her home. Lucy breaks the volume knob in the car, which causes the radio to blast. The police show up and Lucy convinces them that Jerry is drunk. The end up giving the pair a ride back to her Aunt's cabin. They are trying to sleep in different bedrooms, but are unable to. They end up realizing they still love each other and decide to get back together just as their divorce becomes final.

Irene Dunne and Cary Grant in a publicity still for The Awful Truth (1937)

I really enjoyed this film and I am glad I got a chance to talk about it for this blogathon. I loved Irene Dunne in her role as Lucy. She is a funny lady and I loved all her little quips. She an Cary worked well together and he matched her beat for beat in the quip department. As always, I felt bad for Ralph Bellamy's character. He never gets the girl. But I enjoyed his performance as the oilman from Oklahoma. I especially enjoyed it when he and Irene Dunne sang "Home on the Range." I am not a huge fan of Dunne's singing voice, but it wasn't as bad in this film as it was in Roberta. Overall, I have to say if you haven't seen this film you really need to go and get a copy of it now. It's hilarious, it's got an all star cast, and there is a cute dog in it. What more could you want?

This post was written for the Summer Under the Stars blogathon.

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