Sunday, May 19, 2019

It's a young world teen movie blogathon: Can't Hardly Wait (1998)

It's getting close to the end of May! Which means it will soon be the end of the school year. And so we celebrate this tradition with the It's A Young World Teen Blogathon which is hosted this year by Pop Culture Reverie. I decided to talk about one of my favorite movies from the 1990's. This film is from 1998 and is called Can't Hardly Wait. It stars Jennifer Lover Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Seth Green, Peter Facinelli, Lauren Ambrose, Charlie Korsmo. Melissa Joan Hart, Jerry O'Connell, and Jenna Elfman also show up in this film.

The trailer for Can't Hardly Wait (1998)

The movie starts at the graduation of the 1998 senior class from Huntington Hillside. The gossip going around is that Mike Dexter (Facinelli) has just dumped Amanda Beckett (Hewitt). They had been going out for four years and were basically high school royalty. Preston Meyers (Embry) hears the news and decides it is time to tell Amanda how he really feels at the party tonight and his friend Denise Fleming (Ambrose) is trying to tell him it isn't a great idea. Preston doesn't listen to her and ends up dragging her to the party that night, even though she didn't want to go. 

Kenny Fisher (Green) is at a local convince store stocking up on supplies for the party. However, his supplies are for his plans to lose his virginity at the party. William Lichter (Korsmo) is only going to the party so he can get revenge on the jocks who bullied him throughout high school. The party is under way and the host of the party is trying to keep things under control but is failing miserably. The loud music and the chatter suddenly stop when Amanda shows up. Amanda's friends run over to her and try to comfort her, but Amanda isn't really that upset over the break up and just wants to enjoy the party.

Preston tries to find the perfect time to give her a love letter he had been writing to her since freshman year. When he finally gets the chance, Amanda gets mad at him because she thinks he is just another pig who thinks she is hot. Preston leaves the party and ends up running into a stripper dressed as an angel. They sit and talk for awhile and Amanda discovers his letter that he left behind at the party and makes it her mission to find him.

Denise and Kenny end up getting trapped in the upstairs bathroom together and end up having sex in there. William ends up getting drunk and has some unflattering pictures of himself and Mike taken. Also, the police get involved. Mike, after talking to an old classmate tries to get Amanda back, but she wants nothing to do with him. She discovers Preston's picture in the yearbook and realizes the mistake she made.

The morning after the party, Preston says goodbye to Denise. But not before teasing her about Kenny. She says it will never happen again, but it does happen again. William tries to thank Mike for stepping in for him with the police. But Mike acts like a douche bag and William regrets apologizing. Preston is getting ready to go to Boston and his train is about to board when Amanda shows up, letter in hand. He tells her he wrote it, but that he has to leave. She is visibly upset but knows he has to go. However, he decides not to go and they end up kissing in the train station.

Ethan Embry and Jennifer Love Hewitt in a publicity photo for Can't Hardly Wait (1998)

Like I have said before, I really love this movie. I like the genre of teen movies in general, but this one is my favorite among them. It is and isn't your typical high school movie. And the cast made the movie enjoyable too. Yes, there were a few annoying characters but they fit into the plot well enough. Also the scene with the song "Paradise City" by Guns and Roses is the best! I actually went to high school with a guy named Preston Meyers and I had a locker next to him in 10th grade. We would have been sat next to each other at graduation, but he had dropped out by that point. I know I normally don't talk about films made in the 1990's on here, but I am glad I got the chance to do it. I really love this film and I think everyone should at least see it once.

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  1. I enjoyed this film very much when I saw it in the theater. Some friends were going to see The X-Files movie, which wasn't my thing. I went to this one instead because it was playing at around the same time. I should revisit it to see how it holds up.

    Thanks for participating.

  2. You're welcome and I still enjoy it! The first time I saw it was on TV and I would have skipped out on the X-files movie in favor of this as well. And I think you should re-watch it when you get the chance. Thanks for hosting!