Friday, November 2, 2018


I just wanted to start off saying I have joined another blogathon! As you could have guessed by the picture it is a blogathon about Grace Kelly. I will be writing about hr relationship with Frank Sinatra on and off the screen. If you want mre information on this blogathon please go here and here.

I have changed my twitter handle. You can now find me @gloriadehavens and of course you can find me on instagram as well!

There will a few changes in the New Year. The main change will be that this blog will mainly just be about films. I might be making those changes sooner than you or I think. I will still talk about books, but it will mainly be biographies and books about old movies.

I am currently working on the post and I am excited about it. I will be hosing my first blogathon! I will have a post about it going up in a few days. I hope anyone who wants to join in can!

That;s it for now! Happy blogging.

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